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We developed a program that enables any home seller in America to sell in any 8-day period they choose at a higher price than if they sold the traditional way. Five independent studies in multiple cities verified that our sellers achieve 8.4% to 12% higher prices.

Our fees at closing for your home are similar to if you sold the traditional way, averaging 5%-6% of the closing price depending on the condition and saleability of your home. However, since our sellers average 8.4%-12% higher prices than other homes sold in their local MLS, they typically walk away with 2.5%-6.5% more net proceeds than if they sold traditionally with no commission at all.

Five studies (by independent sources) were conducted over three years (2020, 2021, 2022) that verified (in every case) that sellers who used our program averaged 8.4% to 12% higher prices than other homes sold and recorded in their local MLS.

Yes, you can use our program even if you have renters, and those renters can stay for the balance of their lease agreement with you. The renters would have to allow us to walk through the home for 15 minutes to complete our valuation, although upon your request, we will not disclose to your renters that you are considering selling that home.

Our program differs in many ways from selling the traditional way. First, it’s 8 days, not weeks or months. Second, our sellers have averaged 8.4%-12% higher prices according to five independent studies. Third, our 8-day process is designed to eliminate the inconvenience and uncertainty of you having to show your home for weeks and months to strangers.

It’s easy to get our price on your home. Just visit our website, enter your address, answer a few questions, and give us a phone number to reach you. We will compute a price on your home from online research subject to a brief 15-minute walkthrough to verify that what we found online about your home is accurate.

Yes, our program is available for homes in every price range from $100,000 to over $10,000,000. The only difference with homes over $1,500,000 is the time period to fully effect a purchase/sale becomes 29 days instead of 8 days.

We do online research on your home first and may call you to ask you questions about your home. Once we’ve completed this initial valuation, we conduct a quick 15-minute walkthrough to verify the information we found about your home online is accurate. Immediately after the walkthrough we will give you a price and answer any questions you have about our program.

Our program gives you the option to sell in 8 days but not the obligation, so the decision is up to you. There is no cost for our 15-minute walkthrough and home price valuation if you decide not to sell.

As the real estate market became more challenging in 2022 and 2023, many real estate organizations pulled back and laid off employees. Not 72SOLD! We are in the top 300 Fastest Growing Companies In America (INC 5000 ranking) and have over 2000 5-star Google reviews. We also received the ACE Corporate Excellence Innovation Award for making such a positive difference in our industry. Anybody who understands what we do knows we are the only sensible choice for selling a home


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